Being Human

I randomly get asked why I'm focused on wellness and the answer is easy, I'm human. It took many years to see that the things I was so concerned about growing up mattered only because I did not see myself as human. Being a Black woman within a society that deemed us to be able to handle everything, I did not do right by honoring who I truly am. A smart, quirky, extrovert/introvert, who enjoys traveling, dressing up, and wants what is best for everyone, while being true to I am. It's a continuous process and path of self discovery, but this is why I do what I do. I want everyone to enjoy the freedom of being human. The freedom to be unapologetically themselves. Recognize that their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have been shaped by their environment and they have the ability to work through them. Respect and honor who they are, despite outside pressures to conform.


The Color Purple

You will see the color purple throughout my business. This purple represents my mother who did everything to make sure that her children succeeded. She taught me to trust myself and follow my gut when it came to things. It took a while for me to trust it, my bad mom, but when I learned to respect my intuition, my path was less complicated. She was my bestfriend and I miss her daily, however, I honor her by giving back to the community. The peacock feather in my logo and all of the purple represents her. My mother was a hardworking, loving, and hilarious woman. I'm grateful for the time that we had.


A Little More

I appreciate and recognize that life is full of ups and downs. That not everything will always go the way that I deserve it to go or the way that I plan. Keeping a positive outlook on things is what has helped me to see the sadder moments as what they are, moments. 
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends who are family, traveling, reading, and continuing to learn about my craft. I love going to beaches, out to eat, laughing and to see those that matter to me be happy.