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Our Purpose

McGruder Wellness Initiative, LLC was created to provide overall wellness opportunities via telehealth for individuals who are ready to focus on healing. We developed the 4Cs to overall wellness, Coaching, Counseling, Consulting, and Community. These principles are where we feel we can most benefit the community as a whole.

It is our goal to provide high quality, multiculturally competent, and trauma informed opportunities for both individual and community growth. Accessibility to services is key to success and that is why we offer our services via telehealth. This provides the best opportunity for us to make an impact beyond our immediate reach.

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Certified Strategic Life & Financial Coach, Leadership Skills Professional

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Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

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Achieve Your Goals


Workshops with proven success


Get on the right path to success

Live the life you deserve Talk Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Brainspotting, and Hypnotherapy.


Working together for everyone


Guidance & Inspiration

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Maya Angelou

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

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