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Macomb Group Parent Update

Macomb Parent/Guardian: News and Tips

September 13, 2022

Your students are amazing individuals and group went well this week. You should be proud of them for not only showing up, but actively participating. I will say that we had a lot to go over in order to create a space where all individuals feel safe to share. Confidentiality and Best Practices for Success were some forms that we went over. Students shared a little about themselves and as stated before, actively participated.

Starting next week, each group will have their own section in this space. There will be a link to "jump" to your section to see what they have been up to, along with tips and best practices for overall success. Please note that the Anger Management & Home/School Balance groups, meet every other week for three sessions in total.  

These updates are simply an insight to what we are covering. Students will continue to be told that they are capable of accomplishing so many things, including what we do within group. It's important for them to have overall support and understanding that they are doing work that a lot of adults shy away from. They are strong, capable, and willing to learn other ways of dealing with things and this willingness will be actively celebrated.

All parents/guardians should have received a packet of information regarding which group their student is in, along with meeting times, and a reminder about the "Talking to Your Teens" Workshop Tuesday, September 27th at 6pm in the C.T. Vivian Library at the school. This workshop is for all Junior High and High School parents/guardians. Students are not expected to attend.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or text 309.255.8054.

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