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Your Future is Success! Believe that and you can achieve everything you ever wanted! This program is designed to get you or move along on the Pathway to empowering yourself to achieve EVERYTHING that is meant for you. This program teaches you what you need to continue on or begin your journey! If you're ready to invest in success, this program is for you!


Guided through the process with, Janell McGruder, a Nationally Board Certified and Licensed therapist, Certified Life Coach, Certified in EMDR (a neurologically based form of therapy), and Trauma Specialist, you are guaranteed to have a deeper insight into not only what you are looking for, but in how you can make it happen.

Janell has not only developed this program she continues to have success! From starting her own practice, increasing communication with her children, traveling more, to living a more authentic life, Janell has grown and been empowered to achieve and succeed and wants the same for you!

Success is happening now! You just have to know that it is for you! 


Course includes:


  • Instant Access to "Points to Ponder" Goal Achieving Workbook to Assist With the Program AND BEYOND
  • Updated Edition Hardcopy of "Points to Ponder" mailed directly to you from Janell 
  • Hands On/Interactive Facilitation By Janell
  • Weekly Live Facebook Sessions with the opportunity to have questions answered by Janell (Don't Worry: these will be recorded just in case you can't make it)
  • Daily Forms of Success to Keep You On Track
  • Weekly Video Insight & Encouragement
  • Safe & Secure Support from Like Minded Individuals
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Downloadable Materials For You To Have 

21 Day Women's Pathway to Empowerment Program

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