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Crossing the River

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

Experiencing a sexual assault or domestic violence is an emotionally and physically vulnerable experience. Survivors may have any number of confusing thoughts and feelings. It is natural to feel guilt or to have doubt about what happened and speaking to others about it can help provide clarity.

Coping Tips for Assault and Violence Survivors

  • Stay connected to your support system. Identify people you can trust to validate your feelings and avoid those who you think may hinder your healing process.

  • Maintain control of your media consumption. Social media, movies, shows, books, and the news may have content that is difficult for you to see. Remember you do not have to watch or read anything that is upsetting or uncomfortable.

  • Make a list of safe places where you can go if you experience a flashback, panic attack, or other reaction.

  • Talk about the assault and express your feelings. You can choose when, where, and with whom to talk about the assault, and set limits by only disclosing information that feels safe for you to reveal.

  • Take "time outs." Give yourself permission to take quiet moments to reflect, relax and rejuvenate, especially during times you feel stressed or unsafe.

Hotlines and Online Resources

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence: About Me
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